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 Fibre Channel Storage Network

Table 2.2, “Fibre Channel Network Requirements” shows requirements for GFS nodes that are to be connected to a Fibre Channel SAN.

Requirement Description
HBA (Host Bus Adapter) One HBA minimum per GFS node
Connection method
Fibre Channel switch
Note: If an FC switch is used for fencing, you may want to consider using Brocade, McData, or Vixel FC switches, for which Red Hat Cluster Suite fencing agents exist. Refer to Configuring and Managing a Red Hat Cluster for more information about supported fencing agents.
Note: When a small number of nodes is used, it may be possible to connect the nodes directly to ports on the storage device.
Note: FC drivers may not work reliably with FC hubs.

 Fibre Channel Storage Devices

Table 2.3, “Fibre Channel Storage Device Requirements” shows requirements for Fibre Channel devices that are to be connected to a GFS cluster.

Requirement Description
Device Type
FC RAID array or JBOD
Note: Make sure that the devices can operate reliably when heavily accessed simultaneously from multiple initiators.
Note: Make sure that your GFS configuration does not exceed the number of nodes an array or JBOD supports.
Size 8 TB maximum supported per GFS file systen.

Console Access

Make sure that you have console access to each GFS node. Console access to each node ensures that you can monitor nodes and troubleshoot problems.

Installing GFS

Installing GFS consists of installing Red Hat GFS RPMs on nodes in a Red Hat cluster. Before installing the RPMs, make sure of the following:

  • The cluster nodes meet the system requirements described in this chapter.
  • You have noted the key characteristics of your GFS configuration (refer to Section 1.5, “Before Setting Up GFS”).
  • The correct Red Hat Cluster Suite software is installed in the cluster.

For information on insalling RPMS for Red Hat Cluster Suite and Red Hat GFS, see Configuring and Managing a Red Hat Cluster. If you have already installed the appropriate Red Hat Cluster Suite RPMs, follow the procedures that pertain to installing the Red Hat GFS RPMs.


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